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MUDs had a combination of role-playing games, hack and slash, player vs.player, Interactive fiction, and the first form of online chat.They say strangers give the best of bits of advice, and whether you’re too burnt out from your corporate life or just plain bored, sometimes a good conversation is all we need to get the ball rolling.There is a sea of chatting websites to choose from, but most of them have been abandoned or simply not worth it.The MUD slowly started growing out of Trubshaw's friend group, and the popularity became astonishing.

If you're a big video game lover, it's very likely that you have heard the term MUD used when discussing old-fashioned games.In this talk, I will present findings from studies on two different communication forms to argue that these new Internet forums are being used by adolescents to confront and deal with the changes and developmental issues that they have always faced.Because of the medium’s affordances however, we sometimes see these “old” behaviors in new intensities.Wut Wut is social app to let you share non-permanent messages to Facebook friends who are also on Wut Wut, without blowing your cover.Share spontaneous moments for a quick laugh and moments later your messages will disappear. [Download: i OS] Yik Yak is an application for you to connect with people who think like you, without knowing them first.

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We’ve come up with a great list of super active websites that are sure to keep you entertained no matter when you decide to log in.

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