I gave up summer dating

I'm either looking down at my keyboard, typing to someone other than the person I am with, or taking a picture, adding a filter, and posting it to my social networks for someone else to see. All of my special moments are compromised because of my smartphone and the immediate access it affords me to email, social media, etc. until midnight, and my job relies heavily on sending emails, text messages, and using social media to plan and to promote upcoming stories.And, don’t even get me started on the hazards of dating and texting! Many say I have work FOMO, or fear of missing out, but I just say, I love what I do.We invite you to join us over the next 30 days on a journey of self discovery, comfort-zone expansion and a gentle push.You won’t be alone, your e Harmony fellow members will be right there by your side, and you can connect and share your stories on our Facebook or Twitter page.You are more likely to follow through on your goals when a) you tell other people about them and b) when you implement a structured plan to make it happen.This explains the rising popularity of short-term challenge based experiences to kick start action in areas of your life, e.g.

That's how we know compatibility matching works, which is why e Harmony partners people on their beliefs, values and characteristics - the stuff that counts.

The eye candy draws you in while the quirky conversations keep you coming back.

Soon enough you find yourself walking down the street or hanging out at your local bar thinking I would definitely swipe right on him or HARD LEFT HARD LEFT.

Simply click the link below to download your free worksheet.

This will identify 20 different actions that you can take over the next month to advance your dating activity.

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The most common problem was that they just didn't like the same things as their dates (14 per cent), their dates only talk about themselves (nine per cent) or they have felt bombarded by the person after the date (seven per cent).

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